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Some religious people argue that God made 2 Humans and God only given higher thinking capacity only to Humans. So as per them, animals don't have to follow any religion, if apes evolved to something smarter as Humans (might be in next 100000 years). Will Humans ask them to follow the religion too?

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Primates brains are very closely related to humans brains and Dolphins even more so. They can communicate amongst themselves and have no need for religion so I highly doubt when or if they do, they will bother with any religions. It's not far from wiping us out now! You should read the " Breakthrough" series of book where humans through a super computer can communicate with Primates and Dolphins. Might just answer your question better.
The Breakthrough series was written by Michael C. Grumley
Dan Rooster

I mean if they start to live like Humans, how will the humans will react to them. Since Humans want to spread their religion.

Rooster Rooster

Of course humans will initially reject them but I still feel that religion will have no meaning to them. You really should check out those books as they revolve around your subject matter.


That would only happen if humans do something incredibly stupid. :(


We can only assume several models of evolution.

But the great apes, for instance, are a separate branch with its own evolution and also among these different strains, there might be only very small groups which would evolve to become a superior species. Actually, all the great apes are critically endangered, and they might disappear too fast, long before they could evolve sufficiently.

Also dolphins and other cetaceans are part of the vulnerable and endangered groups of marine mammals. Too many animal and plant species lost their natural habitat, surroundings and with them, their opportunities, conditions and resources for surviving and evolving. 

And wild animals like to be independant and free - they are neither robots, slaves or toys. Yes, if animals could speek, they would have much to complain about humans ...