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The latest version of Firefox has been sending me a warning that my password is not secure on this site. (or on A m i r i t e, Ser). Can this be fixed?


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Does that mean your password is not strong enough or it is vulnerable to phishing attacks?

TheOtherTink Dan

No, it has something to do with this site (and A m i r i t e  too). I don't get the message anywhere else, and my other passwords aren't any stronger than the one I use here.

Dan Dan

Use Google Chrome :D

TheOtherTink Dan



I see iton some other websites.


I've seen that on A m i ri te also but never here. But my AV will have a green check mark in the top tool bar if the site is clean. I quit using Firefox for a while and haven't seen any of those since.


Did this warning look like this?


And there seem to be problems with Javascript.

As I see, Dan recommends Google Chrome.

I think that I would ask for professional advice regarding uploads and ads, resp. their safety.

TheOtherTink Marianne

@ Marianne:

Yes, that was the same link I gave.  Firefox only started giving this warning since its latest version came out. It may mean nothing more than a warning that unless the website is "https", your information is relatively easily visible to others.

Rooster Marianne

Firefox is a great Browser but it has it's quirks like most others. I use it here and there and logged on here with it a bit ago and didn't get a warning. I did when I clicked on Am i rite though.

Marianne Marianne


Yes, I was also surprised; but this time, it does not look like a fake.


Marianne Marianne


Yes, no browser is perfect. On my side, I get sometimes warnings on certain sites, which should be safe, but one never knows. There are also temporary cuts, which can be accidental.



Skunky Stinkerson

The owner of the site should encrypt the login page with HTTPS. otherwise you will get a "not secure connection warning"- both firefox and google chrome do this 'now' for safety reasons. An Attacker could see your password  and other personal information (and steal it) because the information is not encrypted as its passing thru servers, networks, and what not.

This is another reason why you should use different passwords for all of your accounts. (my main email account has a different password than my account on here)... If the site is secure for transmitting personal information, you'll see an "HTTPS" in front of the site URL. (If you're doing online shopping, don't enter credit card info on sites that don't have this)

Marianne Skunky Stinkerson


Thank you for reminding us. It's good to check the URL's systematically.


you're welcome.. i doubt a hacker would be interested in a site like this so i wouldn't worry about it on here, but bigger sites with a huge user base (that has lots of personal info such a sin numbers and credit info etc.) would be the main concern. if you do online banking or make purchases from sites.. just take extra security measures to make sure the site is legit (as in, always check to make sure you're on the official website, there are lots of fake sites out there pretending to be the real thing, such as banking sites, amazon, facebook etc.. there are  email scams and links across the web that transfer you to a look alike login page- FB is notorious for this), and make sure that all of the info you enter will be encrypted so that no one along the line can read it/steal it etc..

Marianne Skunky Stinkerson



It might be useful to ask if ihavesolved.com can be secured. Or is that not possible?



I've not seen that on my PC nor my Laptop. I have seen it occasionally on Ami rite but it's been a while since I've been there. I mainly use Google Chrome.