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They probably got your address over a list of correspondents, whether on blurtit or on another site.

Try to contact your close friends by using another means and ask them if they are also being flooded with spams.

And use your spam filter.

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Marianne is probably right Goranko. They may not even be the same spammers. I get similar type spam in my spam box every day. Blurtit doesn't have very good spam filters as it is and not much security. I can get into that site in maybe 10 minutes. Another major reason I quit that site as it has really low security and anybody with any skills can get in it. I would have to ask how you are sure it's the same spam. Like an example. I know when I was a Mod there that I could find anyone's e-mail address in minutes. Either that or you've exchanged e-mail addresses there with someone who forwarded their spam to you. I'm sorry to hear that Goranko but it's not the end of the world. Upgrade your spam filter !

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Goranko, you have your email address posted on your profile page on Blurtit. Anyone can see it and I'm sure that the spammers got your address there.


Good point dude! I didn't know that!


It's right there for all to see. I don't know if he posted it and forgot it was there, or what.


Well, that would sure explain that then! 


Wow, that explains all - it is indeed a "provocation" for spammers.

I hope that Goranko will take the necessary steps at once.