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On a bright Sunday, after having "cared for his flock" for more than 40 years, the old priest of a rural place pounded angrily his fists on the altar and lectured his parishioners about adultery.

- "Since the beginning of my ministry in this church, I heard at least a thousand times the expression "sin of adultery". I am telling you right away: if I hear these three words even once, I will retire and leave this community."

As everybody in the village liked the old priest very much and wanted him to stay, all the members of the parish agreed not to use this expression any more and to say instead "I fell".

This initiative reassured the priest, who went on caring for this church for some more years, with his mind in peace.

After the parish lost their old shepherd, a young priest took over and noticed at once the alarming frequency of "accidents" due to problems with gravitational laws, which involved far too many victims among the villagers.

He went therefore to see the Mayor of the community and asked him to take urgent steps regarding the bad state of the pavements in the village.

- "It looks as if all the people in this town are losing their balance much too often ..."

Having realised that nobody had informed the newcomer about the true sense of the expression "I fell", the Mayor could not hold back his laughter.

Somehow bewildered and slightly upset, the young priest asked him for an explanation:

- "Why are you laughing so loud? If I were you, I would not gloat so much about this problem. To give you just one example, your wife fell three times last week ..."


Link (translated): http://lemotdelasemaine.com/anerie2.html#debut

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If they could fly like fairies, they wouldn't fall so much.  :angel: :D

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol - nice! But we'd better leave that to Neverland - lol.

But, in real life, they have already drones, and there are also some risks:




Now, if humans could fly individually. that might become a disaster, if considering the high numbers of traffic accidents on the ground, or - with an easier access - the rates of thefts, burglaries and other crimes.



:D :D :D


Marianne Rooster

Lol - falling is easy - rising might be more difficult. :D:D:D