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I think it would be cool and in the the near future? Those type of cars will be everywhere. All types and affordable for everyone.



It would be nice, but with a flying car, there would be lots of rules and prescriptions to respect too (hight, air traffic, speed, "routes", timing, flying permission, defined take off and landing sites, no fly zones, emergencies, priorities, weather, privacy, safety, obstacles, etc.), parking space, and you might need a special training to obtain a pilote's licence.


Oh, and if too many use a flying car, mind the air traffic jams:




I think Marianne is right. Can you imagine hundreds of thousands of these flying cars trying to commute in the morning?

I think their flight paths, speed, altitude, etc. would have to be controlled by a computer network on the ground to avoid collisions.

But it would be cool.

Oh, wait, what am I talking about? Fairies don't need planes to fly. :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

Yes, and it is much better that flying is left to fairies, elves, birds, butterflies, bats, etc.



Be kind of nice up here where there is so much open land. Wouldn't take a damn hour to go get groceries!