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Rooster I did like Roger Moore as James Bond - although the Bond films were never favourites for me! However, I liked the MAVERICK series on TV, and that was the work he did which I appreciated most...James Garner's cousin Beau!



I think Sean Connery was my favorite Bond. :D

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, Sean Connery prolly pretty much defined the role of James Bond.


I like Sean Connery also!


I think that all the Bond actors brought a particular feature to the complex 007 character.

There were quite a few, even David Niven played him once - in a parody, or spoof.


Sean Connery was, of course, the first to play James Bond, the cruelly charming "macho":


and Roger Moore brought some black humour, Lazenby added feelings and a marriage, which ended tragically, Timothy Dalton, as a sniper, refusing to kill a beautiful, female ennemy, etc. As to Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, they are the most recent ...

But Roger Moore was also "The Saint", "Ivanhoe", one of the "The Persuaders", etc., and starred or co-starred in several movies; he deserves better than beeing remembered as only one of the James Bond characters.