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Me 4 votes, 80%
Government 1 vote, 20%
I'm not sure 0 votes

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I would think that a person would just have the common sense to wear one no matter what the government says.

When I first started in the automotive repair business, I used to see a lot of broken windshields shaped like a head blow because people didn't wear them. Just common sense.


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Government, by

Dear Starchild,

For me, that is a fine line...but somewhat reluctantly, I went with government here...the seatbelts just save too many lives. And we always feel immortal when we get in the car, too easy to get careless!

What do you think, Starchild?

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I would say "other" or choose two the first two answers, i.e.:

Everybody should, today, have the common sense to wear a seatbelt in a car, whether as passenger or as driver. Sadly enough, too many people seem to lack every common sense on the roads and streets, and that is why justice, police and governments need to impose and enforce laws.

There have been quite a few "studies" and "analyses" since very long, telling about certain changes in people, as soon as they are driving a car ...

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Me, by

Me, unless; of course the government is in the car with me, then we could vote on it !

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Me, by

Me, but I realize there are quite a few people who wouldn't do it without it being a law.

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