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...where conservative speaker Charles Murray was aggressively harassed and physically attacked early this year 2017. Then a left-leaning professor who tried to protect him was grabbed by the hair, and her neck twisted so badly she was hospitalized.


Middlebury in Vermont, Berkeley in California, Evergreen in Washington...such gross intolerance? Attending the University of Washington Seattle in 1965, I recall hearing with delight BOTH Stokeley Carmichael (Black power) and George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi Party); I thought such diversity was a unique benefit of the college experience! There was certainly no disruptiveness. 

The Atlantic Magazine (feed:https://www.theatlantic.com/feed/author/jonathan-haidt/) discusses the Enlightenment idea of Liberal Science; that "the right to provoke, offend, and shock lies at the core of the First Amendment," categorically excluding, however, "threats, intimidation, and incitement." 

I think something better needs to happen on US college campuses; your thoughts if you will?

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What's happening is the usual progressive nonsense, conducted by slogan-chanting 'student' ignoramuses who know nothing of the sordid history of their own intolerant and undemocratic movement, aided and abetted in many cases by the high-IQ useful idiots who serve as their instructors on these campuses. :angry:


Oh, I tell you, plain and semple, worship at the proggy temple

Always renders an exempel of the groupthink I deplore.

Few things ever have been sorrier than the proggy social warrior

Who imagines he’s the courier of the Vanguard’s stock and store,

Of the Vanguard’s stuff and nonsense, made so proles won’t know the score;

                 Only this, and nothing more.


O'Tink, do you know of this conservative speaker, Charles Murray? 

I certainly do agree that high-IQ does not correlate with wisdom (except perhaps inversely :silly:)...however, I wouldn't characterize ALL progressive ideology as nonsense? I think the 'nonsense' relates more to the personal incompetence...I will tell you, the conservative proto-fascists can be pretty wild...

Will be looking at more of your personal philosophy to see what you might be meaning there...

Love the Poe knock-off!


Well, Virginia, again it comes down to definitions.

I was thinking of the progressives of the last century, who certainly distinguished themselves as being champions of a lot of bad ideas. Yes, I know, they also favored women's suffrage (not sure about Shaw on that one), so they were on the right side of history there, but their batting average has been WOEFULLY low.

Furthermore, in my little Poeism, I said those who 'worship at the proggy temple,' i.e., the mindless sloganeers who have no idea of what they are doing, like the protesters at Evergreen, etc.

And yes, I am somewhat familiar with the Murray's bell curve, which as far as I know, is based on respectable science. IQ IS partially genetic, as twin studies have shown, but many on the left don't want to hear that, so they shouted Murray down.


And yes, we do need to watch for proto-fascists, but at the moment, I haven't heard of many of them burning down neighborhoods or campus buildings... the left seems to have that market cornered for now.


Hi O'Tink, 

A couple of thoughts for you...regarding the red/blue stuff, one concern I have is we can end up too polarized? I read that 40% of Dems think Repubs are a 'threat to the country,' (or some such terminology) and likewise 40% of the Republicans think the same thing about the Dems! IF the country is indeed in trouble, it's us the common folk who will bail things out, and we must guard against polarization because ultimately we all want the same thing...we must avoid 'fiddling while Rome burns' with polarized bickering!

Nevertheless, something unwholesome may be trending on college campuses that was not there in the 1960's when I attended. We need to find out how that got gong and unthread it, undo it...that's AWFUL! I watched 15 minutes of George Murray on YouTube, certainly not a fair sampling of his thought, and I was mildly interested but mainly bored; ho-hum. Middlebury College DOES have rules against disruptive behavior on campus or in classes, and the president of the college did apologize to George Murray.

Lastly, not having heard of the ultra-right burning stuff down...I have not personally verified this but when we were on Blurt, Rooster opened my eyes to the possibility that we don't hear much because the press does not DARE print anything much at all about the proto-fascists, let alone report something negative...the retaliation can be VERY drastic. 

Again, your 'proggy temple' versification was just all-out delightful! You and Marianne are both really just SO talented there!


Glad you enjoyed the versification, Virginia, and you are too kind. :)

I'm puzzled about the press not daring to print stories about right-wing atrocities. I certainly remember hearing about gays being beaten up or murdered, and of James Byrd, the black man who was dragged to death in Texas.


Oh, speaking of things the progressives of old loved, have you seen Stairway to Lenin? It's 15 minutes long, but well worth the time. Every scene in this Polish satire is supposed to be part of Soviet social history.


O'Tink, ima watch your clip right now, soon's I get some ice tea!

As for the press, if you would wish to ask Rooster, since I did not know about it either? And I may not have his words accurately? I will say that I am in John Birch country here, and in recent decades that ultra-right-freedom perspective has seemed to coalesce into something ever more desperate...I don't do anything about it directly, just my prayers and the most peaceful presence I can bring to the world. 

Anyway, Rooster did not say much but I felt like I knew what he was talking about and I just left it alone.


O'Tink I also loved the satire you found...done to the enchantment of the Ravel...

Here is something I found in the comments below the YouTube:

"Notice that the actors do not go up the next level of stairs but stop when they reach the top of the level they are on. A new set takes over and the camera provides the illusion of progress but there is none."

And then it ends carrying a skeleton up the stairs, even that getting upset!


Excellent, sublime, bravissima - a hight five on your rhymes, T(h)ink!



Thank you, Marianne, you are too kind. :D



Lol - you're welcome, T(h)ink, and you deserve it!



Marianne, if you have not already, you might enjoy that link found by Other Tink...the Polish satire called STAIRWAY TO LENIN...

Quite haunting, done to the background of Ravel BOLERO!

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It is saddening to see how extremism is promoting the "spiral of violence" - on all the sides.




History keeps repeating itself! That reminds of:





No, a high IQ does not mean that a person is automatically wise - or "able to love" others - they are as diverse as common people, including "simple minds", or "high-IQ useful idiots" (:angel::D: thank you for the chuckle, T(h)ink - lol). Experience (with evolution), education, surroundings, heredity, living conditions, opportunities and other backgrounds play also an important part, including influences, like, for instance, 




May I also remind of the ever persisting problems with women's physical security (also in the various education systems) displayed on a map - one of the many examples?