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Yahoo changed an owner and after that sold Flickr, shut down Messenger and invented Yahoo Squirrel for chat. I don't know what will happened with Mail, Answers and Tumblr.

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Yahoo is now owned by Verizon under the Oath inc. name. Tumblr seems fine and so is their mail service. Although a new e-mail system is soon to come out.

Don't know why they dumped Messenger but I never used it anyway, nor Yahoo Answers.

When a new company takes over? They usually try to trim some of the fat off the old system and add a couple of new things. You'll see more by the end of the year.


I am a Yahoo user since 2011. I think that Yahoo has a good services. They only don't have something like Facebook and Twitter. Flickr and Tumblr have some forms of social networks. Flickr was successful and has millions of users. I found that Yahoo had owned Geocities. It was a web site builder and it had numerous users but it was shut down. Yahoo had 360 Degrees as social network but also it was shut down. 

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Hi Kninjanin,

Well I am not too interested in the technicalities of Internet communication, so I rely on a few online friends to keep me posted about good websites and such...so I did not even know!