What is happening with Yahoo?

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Jun 26 in Internet by Kninjanin (3,703 points)

Yahoo changed an owner and after that sold Flickr, shut down Messenger and invented Yahoo Squirrel for chat. I don't know what will happened with Mail, Answers and Tumblr.

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Rooster Jun 26

Yahoo is now owned by Verizon under the Oath inc. name. Tumblr seems fine and so is their mail service. Although a new e-mail system is soon to come out.

Don't know why they dumped Messenger but I never used it anyway, nor Yahoo Answers.

When a new company takes over? They usually try to trim some of the fat off the old system and add a couple of new things. You'll see more by the end of the year.

Kninjanin Rooster Jun 26

I am a Yahoo user since 2011. I think that Yahoo has a good services. They only don't have something like Facebook and Twitter. Flickr and Tumblr have some forms of social networks. Flickr was successful and has millions of users. I found that Yahoo had owned Geocities. It was a web site builder and it had numerous users but it was shut down. Yahoo had 360 Degrees as social network but also it was shut down. 

Virginia Jun 27

Hi Kninjanin,

Well I am not too interested in the technicalities of Internet communication, so I rely on a few online friends to keep me posted about good websites and such...so I did not even know!

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