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Yes, there has been much controversy about the origins and ethnicities of the "Old Egyptians".

Many experts refer(red) to the "Fertile Crescent" and the "Mediterranean" populations, further to the different cultures around the Mediterranean, their history, relations, trades, wars, migrations, including records from the Bible, from Ancient Greek and Roman literature, etc.






A number of blonde naturally mummified bodies of common people (i.e. not proper mummies) dating to Roman times have been found in the Fag el-Gamous cemetery in Egypt. "Of those whose hair was preserved 54% were blondes or redheads, and the percentage grows to 87% when light-brown hair color is added."[52] Excavations have been ongoing since the 1980s. Burials seem to be clustered by hair-colour.[53]










Oh, by the way, Ramses II was a "redhead":



No, Other Tink, I did not know that...and from some of Marianne's links, it appears the diversity of hair color was not especially rare, either. 

Many people from near areas came to Egypt.

I didn't know this either. Redhead? Geez, I dated a redhead for a couple of months and man, what a an ornery woman. I couldn't even imagine a redhead in those times! Almost feel sorry for the men! :D

Seems like Ancient Egypt must have been a human melting pot at one period in it's history with people from all over coming there to live. The redheads must have helped lead Egypt into it's collapse! :D

Sorry, couldn't help it. :angel:

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Lol - you can feel sorry for many redheads, and especially for women, as superstitions and myths were and still are rather unfriendly with them:





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Marianne, I felt sorry for poor little carrot-head...poil de carrote...:D

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Oh yes, Virginia, it is sad, how certain physical or less tangible aspects and/or properties can lead to discrimination and abuse.

Yes, little Carrot Head, Poil de carotte (in English two "r's" and one "t", in French one "r" and two "t's" + "e") had a very difficult childhood.


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Lol - an excellent initiative, Virginia!



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Not only Europeans have blond hair. Black people too have blond hair. Solomon Islanders have blond hair but a different protein is responsible for the blond hair on them. Blond hair on Europeans and Blacks have evolved by a different genetic mutation (change). For black people, the gene responsible is TYRP1, which encodes an enzyme previously known to cause pigmentation (color) changes in mice and humans. So, does a mixed baby between them have more chance of blond hair?


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@ Dan:

A mixed pair would probably not be significantly more likely to have a blond baby, since it is very unlikely that both would have one or the other of the required (recessive) genes for blondness.