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This question is kinda related to Kninjanin's Q from a while back, http://www.ihavesolved.com/38520/people-about-their-political-religious-sexual-views-internet

...because Kninjanin is looking hard for good websites, and finding good sites is difficult! And Rooster is becoming discouraged about the future of the Q/A sites, even me who has been so enthusiastic about Internet potential for people to learn from each other, internationally, I am feeling some dismay now!

Well, Other Tink posted a fascinating YouTube interview with the professor at Evergreen College who is so (unjustly) vilified as a racist...where that professor discussed his concern that the US politico-economic system is NOT going to self-correct this time. So, the professor and some colleagues are intently searching out ways for us to effect major politico-economic changes WITHOUT devolving into violent revolution.

And one of their major ideas is that we work on developing our ability to listen to each other, and understand each other - and that is what they call the High Art Of Communication. So, for example: DEBATE is where one of the two sides 'wins,' and demolishes the other; vs. DIALECTIC, where there is no winner/loser, but the two sides exchange ideas and grow from the exchange.

I find the DIALECTIC here on Dan's site, with all our diverse viewpoints, to be very helpful...but you don't seem to find this kind of exchange very often...on many sites, people just try to shout each other down about religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc., using insults and profanity.

Well, I am not actually sure what my question even is...is there something perhaps hopeful you can say?

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One of the reasons that I use this site more than any other. We can speak freely and use whatever knowledge each particular person has. I'm probably the least amount of contributions here but I only have so much time in the mornings to talk to the European Devs. Before they leave for the day. I read every post and absorb what I can of them. After seeing some of the hate and crudeness of some other sites? I still can come here and have a laugh and learn at the same time.


I do agree with you Rooster.

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It has become difficult to find sites and groups with enlightening, dialectic discussions, in which all the sides respect each other, and in which people can communicate, exchange ideas, experience, news and knowledge, learn from each other and enjoy friendship.

We have here one of these rare groups!

Many sites have become, instead, battlefields of conflicting views, beliefs, interests and opinions, in which certain individuals or groups are sowing discord and/or preaching hate.

Harming, ridiculing and hurting others seems to have become an international "game" or "sport", alongside with toxic propaganda, radicalisation and hate-mongering, in all the domains - namely politics, religions, business, even sports and entertainment - and information media of all kinds are particularly affected.

Most of these more or less ideological themes are or have become very spiny matters, and "free speech", "political correctness", "human rights", etc., are systematically misinterpreted!

It is strange to see how factual information about the many offensive insulting and hatemongering debates is missing, and how propaganda and biased comments are distorting reality.







Some of the troublesome "elements" and subjects:  








Marianne, I looked through several of your links...truly amazing...the uses applied on the Internet. I had never even heard of "hacktivism"...really a mixed bag, there!

Thank you, excellent research.


You're very welcome, Virginia!


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