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imageMy grandfather owned a bakery and, each Summer he and my grandmother would leave the city and summer at our farm when I was growing up.  He would set up shop, and as a boy, I was his "right hand man", doing basic chores for him to help him bake.  I loved helping him make bread...such fond memories, and since I'm retiring this year (ensuing happy dance), this will become one of my passions....to learn the art of it.  I have some of his bread recipes.  I can't wait.  What about you?  Are you inclined?

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No, as, I am still learning how to bake things, very slowly. I sort-of made bread recently, but it was from a Bisquick mix and was trying to make biscuits with the last of the powder in the box but I added a bit too much milk, as I didn't want it to go to waste, I put it in a cake pan and at first, and saw how bad it was then I decided to make what I call 'Quick' Bread out of it.

I heard that real bread, isn't the easiest thing to make, And I don't have much experience with Yeast, yet, either.


Not myself but my wife can bake any kind of bread or rolls at any time.

Since we can't just run up to the store for things all the time, she's a great baker and cook. Lovely country woman and our daughters are following her ways!