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Why can't people just be nice and take care of that? I could do it easily if they just enabled my old account for an hour or so and let me take that off my profile. Why do people have to be such turds that they won't even acknowledge my two requests? I'm so glad to be away from blurtit and yet this happens almost every day! Simple request but I guess I'm the enemy for quitting as a Mod. Haven't yet decided what to do about it.

Any ideas?

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I am still receiving advertisement (mostly by known labels), and sometimes spams, over some conventional sites or correspondents, which I am visiting more or less regularly, and sometimes, spammers manage to fool the conventional controls.

And some sites don't wish to lose touch with ancient members.

Do you use the anti-spam function or do you delete the messages or spams?

Dan might have a useful idea.


When one of my e-mail accounts gets too much spam, I just close it (or abandon it) and open a new one, telling people on my list what my new e-mail address is.

Rooster TheOtherTink

@Tink : But all they have to do is pull up my profile and disable all e-mail alerts. Less than 5 minutes!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Rooster,

Yeah, well, they do seem to be a*sholes over there.  :ermm:


Rooster TheOtherTink

That's fer sure! That's fer dang sure!



TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

LOL, Rooster:D :D :D

And you said should be ashamed of myself?! 

Poor Marianne and Virginia are going to be blushing for a week or more:O :blush: :O

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol, T(h)ink, Rooster and Virginia - I'll go for all of you through "oh - I'm shocked", "blush", "errrm", "evil chuckles", "innocence" and a big grin :O:blush::ermm::devil::angel::D!

LOL ...

Marianne TheOtherTink

By the way, T(h)ink, this looks indeed like one of the finest classic statues, but there seems to be an inversion on your picture (photoshopping?):



for instance:



TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

LOL, Marianne, I'm pleased that you were appropriately shocked for all of us.  :D :D :D

And yes, I did reverse Athena for that gif, because I wanted her face turned in toward the reader, rather than looking off toward the left edge of the screen.  :angel: :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

Lol - T(h)ink - you all seemed to need active support - :angel::D:D:D - and here I am!

And your gif looks great!

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Lol, thank you, Marianne.  The gif is a bit jerky, so I probably should have added an intermediate head position, but it's time-consuming to do it by hand.  I bet there are animation programs where you just enter pictures of the first and last position, and then the program creates n intermediate steps, where you specify how many steps you want. :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

Well, you did fine - I am no expert in this domain, as time is lacking.


I received spam from Facebook, Gab and some Blurtit users.

Rooster Kninjanin

@Kninjanin: All they have to do on blurtit is open my old profile and delete all e-mail alerts. 5 minutes work at best. Sheesh!


Dear Rooster,

When I was having trouble posting here on SOLVED, one idea that came up was to go in and delete all my cookies. Well, I did that and it signed me out of ALL websites! So even though technically you cannot sign out of Blurtit, I am no longer logged in there. I don't receive their spam now, but I do get a notification when someone has made a comment under mine...

So I am not sure this would help your situation but for some reason I don't get their spam...and they had A LOT of it...

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia: I've been signed out of that site almost a year now. Being that I was a Mod there? I knew the system well. If they would get off their duffs and let me sign in? 5 minutes later I would have all that taken care of and I would forever be gone as I don't want anything to do with the site or any of the people either. Just got two more spams on old answers yesterday.

Virginia Virginia

Rooster that seems so strange, almost like it is intentional? I only receive something from Blurt maybe once a month or so! I just checked my trash, and looks like I got something mid-September.

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia: I too wondered if it was intentional. I e-mailed Tiger Paws about it and like I thought, she knew all about it. The owner is running the site now as they can't keep Mods and she told me that she saw a new woman on there that had pulled up some of my old answers and questions and was answering and commenting on them with spam links. She said she would keep an eye out for me and flag them as spam as they have a new place to click to remove spam. I'm hoping that takes care of it as I do not wish to speak with the crook owner of that site.

Virginia Virginia

Rooster, Blurt will probably let ME sign in...do you think? Is there some way I can go in and do something to your account that would take care of it? I would be glad to do it if it will help you, and then I could just go and delete the Blurt cookies off my computer, so I would be signed out again...

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia: No, there is no way for you to access my old account. Only I can do it but that damn Tim won't let me. Oh well. I told Ms Nosy....Tiger Paws about it and she said she would watch for it and flag the spam. Haven't seen any since I told her about it.