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I have an account on Yourupload, a file uploading site. This website has a forum and I found a spammer from Hyderabad. Hyderabad spammers are very active on blurtit.


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For some reason, blurtit always had piles of spam! I still get messages from some people complaining about it and I haven't been near the place in close to a year. Hate to say this but it seems like at least 75% of the spam on sites comes from India and Pakistan. Kind of odd that I've only seen one here and none on the other site. Not much security on blurtit as even my A.V. warns me of malicious content on that site whenever I look at it. Place is a joke!

Kninjanin Rooster

I use file upload websites. On some of them, I can search public files. I often see advertising files from India, Indonesia, Malaysia...


There used to be spam in this site from Hyderabad and Bangalore.  In this case they were offering to move your furniture.

Kninjanin TheOtherTink

Spammers from Bangalore are active on Yourupload.



Hi Kninjanin,

I also recall LOTS of spam on Blurt!t! Not sure where it was from though, I just passed it by...in fact I still get spam from them in my e-mail occasionally. Because of all the phishing here in the USA and prolly everywhere in the world now, spam of any kind seems kinda scary to me...


Yes, spams and / or too intensive advertisements are omnipresent, and they come from various countries. Many call centres, for instance, have been transferred to countries, where salaries are much lower. 


Globalisation and offshore outsourcing opened borders and doors to international trade, business, consumption, agreements and exchanges - sadly enough also to unsustainable practices, abuses, illegal trafficking, conflicts and crimes.




The furniture movers from Bangalore and Hyderabad seem to have expanded their business trade in other directions.    :angel: