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Here I am, age 73 for goodness sake, and I am really just beginning to see how much coldness and lack of love in the world...

Now that I have more life experience, I can look back years ago and decades ago, and understand things I just did not even 'get it' at the time, how petty were people's motivations! 

I still really believe in the basic goodness of people and of life, but omg sometimes all the good stuff is buried SO deep...(including, as you all know by now, :sick: I am very disillusioned with the US government!).

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Yes, Virginia, sadly enough, the various progresses made (or or rather partly realised for common people) in technology, education, improved living conditions, mobility, etc. - left out quite a few less positive impacts and hazards, and many, rather disreputable, unfair or intransparent business, political and "traditional" practices went more or less "unnoticed" or were considered as "normal".

From outside, one saw and still sees dream models of wealth, freedom, glamour, success, celebrity, happiness, etc. - but behind the scenes, misery, wasting, abuse and depletion went and go alongside with glory and "great deeds", as one winner involves always too many "losers".

We were all young, "packed" with ideals and illusions, believing in a more just world, which was also widely spread by education, religious teachings, advertisement and propaganda. Who wasn't naive, inexperienced, trying to learn - believing in integrity, loyalty, fair-play, progress, love and altruism - and also in fortune? And if somebody played dirty tricks, it was simply an exception and/or bad luck for the fooled ones. And the majority of the more favoured people still believe that disasters always happen to other people.

Yes, I think that all of us must go through phases of discouragement, confusion, helplessness, sorrow and distress after traumatising events or experiences, accidents, disasters, losses, or diseases.

Many must learn the hard way ...

Virginia Marianne

Marianne, you have expressed that discouragement I feel VERY well, thank you! But, at the same time I feel it is important to know these things, to eventually understand the depths of human experience...the difference between the beauty of which we are capable, and the awfulness we often do...(sigh)  <3

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Virginia, I feel about the same, and I am still trying to understand; they are uncovering very dirty secrets and scandals every day - on all the sides. :(

And I lost a very dear friend lately ...


I'm generally optimistic, hoping that we'll muddle through somehow.  Dealing with the loss of loved ones is much, much harder. :'(

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, that is an excellent point; loss of loved ones have indeed been this most absolute difficult thing ever in life, hands-down. Thoughtful response, ty!


Sorry you feel that way Virginia, but I believe that feeling is brought on by what you see in the media. The media reports mainly negative things, because negative sells.  (Hurricane.. how many people die. Shooting.. how many people die ) Not very much positive. BUT!!! there are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world. That's 7,500,000,000 folks. Out of that number, the number of negatives that you see are small. They do not report the good people.  The magazines do not report good stories, only sensational bad stories.  The ones that will make you say "Oh how horrible", and buy the magazine to see the rest of the story.  News on TV also knows what will keep people tuned in.

    Read a small town newspaper.. Front page news.." Local Scouts raise $5,000 for cancer research."  or "Man delivers beautiful baby in car as baby would not wait to get to hospital"  Small town news is (I have found, more positive than National news) 

Virginia Korvo

Oh that is SO beautiful, thank you, Korvo!


Sometimes I do when things aren't going to good but I've learned to be optimistic for the most part. The world has changed so much in my years also. But lately? Life has been going well! I move into my new house next month, I've been made manager of the General Discussion group on Matrix Games Forum and after talking for almost two hours yesterday morning with the main man on the other site I mod on? I've been pretty happy.

As far as the world and country go? I try not to watch much of the news any more because of the way they embellish the smallest thing into full out BS.

Nothing I can do about all the problems in the government but just sit back and let them roll on. Except if there is a war. That will tell me the end is near!

But overall, I believe in people and there is always some everywhere that only believe in themselves. When I feel like you do? I always listen to this song and smile.

Virginia Rooster

Oh Rooster, that is just hilarious! Thank you...I am smiling now...  :D  :P  :blink: