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I actually HAD this very same record, BlueBird label it looked just the same, around 1950...there I was, five years old and got pretty good at singing this beautiful old English madrigal THE OLD SOW SONG, along with artist Cyril Smith!

Oh, and I think my SECOND favourite is the one Other Tink posted, Mean Mary and her brother doing their arrangement of Beethoven ODE TO JOY...

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Lol - two smiling performances are welcome.

But there are too many nice videos on YouTube! And the more choices you have, the harder it is to choose.

Virginia Marianne

My question was mainly an excuse for posting The Old Sow Song, Marianne...a song EVERYONE should know about, don't you agree? ;)  <3  :silly:

Marianne Marianne

Lol, of course, it is an excellent idea, Virginia, filled with smiles.

By the way, I looked for the lyrics, but there are some slight differences in the text. Here's an example: 

(with "funicle man", but I thought that I heard "funny old man")


The onomatopoeiae are hilarious!

By the way, there was also an ironic, very popular British song about drinking, i.e. Lily the Pink, which, I think, will also be appreciated by some connoisseurs:

Furthermore, for English learners on our side, it was always "Old McDonald Had a Farm" - lol.



Sorry, not really as I don't get a lot of free time anymore to really explore You Tube. Maybe when I'm in my new house I will.

Virginia Rooster

Rooster, if you have not listened to the Old Sow Song, be sure you give it a go, it is hilarious!


LOLI don't think Beethoven ever dreamed of the Old Sow Song.  :D :D :D

I never heard it before.  :silly:

Virginia TheOtherTink

(Sigh)...well seriously O'Tink, I don't think you are even old enough to know the Old Sow Song...:P  ;)  <3

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Well, Virginia, we sure didn't sing it in school, unlike a some much older songs, such as Good Morning, Pretty Maid, which we discussed a while ago.  :)

Virginia TheOtherTink

Yes, my generation got the good children's songs (;))..."Shoot the Likker To Me John Boy," shoot the likker here and don't be coy...oh and then there was always this one...

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck, I'd dive to the bottom and never come (hic) ..."I meant to say UP..." or this one,

"Whiskey rye whiskey, rye whiskey I cry, if I don't get rye whiskey I surely will die..."

:P  :silly:  :sick:

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

:O :O :O  The only song like that I remember from my childhood was "Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue, strolling down the avenue, two by two..."

Virginia TheOtherTink

Oh well THAT in itself is quite telling for the generations...my songs are 'demon alcohol,' yours the opioid intoxicants, which if I recall were initially touted as non-addictive!