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About a month ago we switched from our telephone provider (fixed line, not mobile) and took a ADSL2/Home Telephone package from our ISP. Since then we haven't had a single spammer phoning to get us to invest in a Nigerian dream scheme or to fix our "faulty" computer. Previously we could expect 2 or 3 every day.

We have the same phone number. Nothing has changed but our provider. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

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Yes, they can; most simply choose not to.
I don't know how that works -- perhaps in the manner they filter spammy emails, and they're very good at that. But yours was the only answer that actually answered the question, which gets you the big green tick. Thanks.
Darkest Serenity
No idea and I don't tolerate anyone wasting my time , if I don't want to talk to any Cold Caller  , then I don't.

simple as that.
Didge Darkest Serenity
Who does?
Depends what I'm doing but if I'm not busy, I love winding them up...other than that, I just tell them to get lost..
Didge Platinum
It's fair sport.
Platinum Platinum
If I talk to them, I ask them their number so I can ring them back....they always make excuses...
Didge Platinum
I hadn't thought of that one. It'd work every time.
I get a kick out of the ones who say they are from Microsoft Tech Support and I have virus ! I follow along with what they tell me to type in and play with them until they ask me what I see on the screen ! Man ! I don't see nuffin cause I didn't do any of that ! They sure get mad then when they thought they had me hooked. LOL. Microsoft doesn't call people! About once a month I get those and free cruises! Yeah right !
Didge Rooster
I once asked one of them, "Why are you trying to steal my money?:" She sounded insulted. Stupid woman.