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I just watched an OLD movie 1945 with Dame Flora Robson...the great, great character actress (1902-1984). And sometimes I think the British women have something of a corner on this, so utterly homely they actually become beautiful!

...and I love all that business of Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire...joining such greats as Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Judith Anderson, Agatha Christie, Wendy Hiller, Dame May Whitty...some of them with their own unique visages also!


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Inner beauty is rarely noticed, Virginia, and also today, people, social structures, moral ideas, fashion, business, performance demand, "reality" and fiction are favouring certain standards and models - in spite of the very different "tastes".

Dame Flora Robson looks like a woman with great class. There is also something very sad in her eyes.

I don't think that it is a role or a fashion, which is making somebody beautiful, unless it is a kind of artificial beauty, without soul. Aren't we educated into rigid, all to rigid roles, behavioural patterns and activities, which are often unnatural?

If looking into fashion, arts, industries, social structures, education, politics and sciences, there was and still is a constant trend into dumping "older models" to replace them with the latest "creations". Animals and people were and are mere consumer items or toys for many.

That reminds me of a movie with Pierre Richard, a comedy reminding that money cannot replace love:


As for the actresses, who impress(ed) me most in movies, there are quite a few. Among the actresses, whom I enjoy(ed) to see, I'd think first, alongside with Annie Girardot, of Margareth Rutherford (alias Miss Marple).




Marianne I am quite certain I responded already, some of our Q's and A's seem to have been casualties of the Great Crash of November 3?

...anyway, I appreciated and enjoyed your comments and references as usual!


Yes, Virginia, I am afraid that several comments and posts went lost in the "Great Crash of November 3" (btw, an excellent creation, Virginia, :)).

Well, I am glad that it works again.

I heard this morning about the horrible shooting in a church in Sutherland Springs:


while the news here are still focusing on the tragic Catalonia crisis:



Marianne I heard about the shooting in Texas last night...I can recall the time such a tragedy would not even seem possible - now a regular occurrence. I just grieve, as we all do...


Virginia, yes, I am grieving too. I can't say how sorry I feel about all these violent and hateful attacks against innocent people and children (and even if there are less innocent ones ...).

Today was such a gloomy day; we are having snow, it was dull, icy and dark, and the news are packed with disasters.


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There's something about English women that has always made me wonder. Like Marianne said about their inner beauty? They have a way of showing it through the way they speak. Now this is a man's opinion, I know but it's kind of hard to explain but their talent of the language just seems to be ageless and beautiful.

Then again, you have this beautiful Brit who can do both!


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Athene Seyler


O'Tink, she is absolutely beautiful, she is magnificent.


Oh yes, T(h)ink. :)<3



@ Virginia and Marianne,  yes, she is superb.  That movie is screamingly funny.  :D :D :D


Think and Virginia, an excellent idea; I checked and found also a link:


Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Make_Mine_Mink

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