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I struggled for a year on A$k.com with bots removing half my answers...I stayed coz I really believed in the Q/A concept...finally Eric just unhooked me somehow from computer monitors altogether and no answer was ever removed again!

Then the same thing on Quora, although this time only 40% removed...my stuff is fairly innocuous but still somehow it seems to trigger them bots, gets 'em all upset! 

And what is scary, our human future is almost certainly going to be deeply monitored by bots with their unfathomable algorithms; wasn't it a Q here on SOLVED where we learned that no one really can fully track exactly how the algorithms work once we turn them loose?

And, might it be true that the thought processes of some people really do trigger the "wrath" of Artificial Intelligence? I find it oppressive. Oh Brave New World...

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Yes, without doubt, bots will soon be able to think much more deeply than humans (they can already think much faster), in ways which we no longer will be able to fathom.  And of course, they will continue to program their own new algorithms, leaving us even further behind.  :O :( :'(

Virginia TheOtherTink

Well, my first reaction is something on the order of "yuck," but who knows maybe this will turn out okay after all...however my own first experiences with them have been no fun whatsoever...

interesting thought, O'Think, I had not even considered them creating their own new algorithms!


Yes, they can be a pain but they are constantly evolving and the people that write the coding for them are fine tuning them all the time. Haven't had any trouble with them anywhere I've been but I do hear people complaining about them on other sites. Sooner or later(I hope) , there will be no need for human moderation.

No, they can't be tracked or changed once they have been let loose with the basic understanding of what they are supposed to do but like I said, they are evolving and gaining more intelligence daily.

Whether we like it or not? That's up to you but I'm no great lover of bots on sites. Takes away a lot of human interaction.

Virginia Rooster

ty Rooster...but to me? They DO appear, more and more, a bit ominous...


As far as I heard, there has been an increasing number of complaints on many sites and, and, according to some sources, offensive or very rude comments were removed (most certainly by robots on the big communities), and with them, valuable information by correctly behaving users disappeared often.

But since more recent times, "filtering" programmes have been improved.

As far as I heard (from Rooster) about Quora, they seem to have very strict rules, and want professionality.

Maybe that asking the administration for an explanation might help (without "yelling" at them, of course).

Yes, we are lagging behind!

Virginia Marianne

Well Marianne, one concern for me is not so much Quora, but rather that the bots with their fierce and unreasonable algorithms will more and more be monitoring other aspects of our lives...with no appeal... deleting and collapsing us, conforming us to THEIR intelligence, their point of view...

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Virginia, the problem is that they are standardising too much (but that goes on since long), and artificial intelligence will probably worsen the situation.

There are still these "yes" or "no" questions and/or practices, while almost none can be confirmed at 100 % without "buts" and/or other "alternatives".