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My contribution is this clip of her famous song, "Falling In Love Again"...from the film THE BLUE ANGEL. She plays a femme fatale (if you have not seen this?), and a highly respected professor at a local high school falls hopelessly in love with her. He gives up his position to follow her everywhere, and she totally debases him.

Here also is a link to Keats' poem about the archetypal femme fatale, La Belle Dame Sans Merci and the horrific effect on the male caught in her snare...I think this movie was daring for its time, 1930?


This clip shows the honored professor entering the night club, and becoming enraptured by her performance of the song...

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A translation of the refrain, a little closer to the original German: :D

I am, from head to toe,

Just made for love to glow,

'Cuz it's my world, you know,

Or else, nothing.

This is, what can I do,

My nature true,

Could only love, I knew,

Or else, nothing.

                                                Poor Professor (Un)Rath.  He never had a chance.

Virginia TheOtherTink

Other Tink, the translation is exquisite! 

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Thank you, Virginia, you're too kind.  :blush: :) <3

Virginia TheOtherTink

O'Tink, I just found the 33-sec YouTube clip, it was hidden at first...and next to it, a documentary/biography of her life! I think I will settle in with some tea and watch it today...truly your translation reflects the song so much better I feel sure.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

I'll watch it too, when I have time. :)

Original Text                                          Literal Translation

Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß                        I am from head to foot
Auf Liebe eingestellt,                             Set up for love
Denn das ist meine Welt.                       Because that is my world
Und sonst gar nichts.                             And otherwise nothing at all.
Das ist, was soll ich machen,                 That is, what should I do,
Meine Natur,                                           My nature,
Ich kann halt lieben nur                          I can just only love
Und sonst gar nichts.                             And otherwise nothing at all.

Virginia TheOtherTink

Absolutely grand, the literal translation unbelievably finer and more subtle than the standard version...changes the ambience entirely, imo!


She was a wonderful actress and very good at saying what was on her mind at any time, anywhere. My favorite?

Virginia Rooster

Rooster! I have never even seen that one before...looks like a perfect role for her...and Arthur Kennedy, so young, here! Lovely!


Oh yes, Virginia, she was a great actress.

And, she had not only a remarkable career, she was also noted for her humanitarian efforts and her passionate love life - reminding of her performance in THE BLUE ANGEL:


Virginia Marianne

Marianne I watched a documentary of her life, and it did indeed mention Jean Gabin! Dietrich spent eighteen months entertaining soldiers in the war, and I learned she did not hesitate to sleep with enlisted men, believing it to be a tremendous morale booster for someone who lived in harm's way. I do admire her for many things, including that.

Marianne Marianne

Yes, Virginia, indeed, and I don't blame her.