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I found Flipboard in 2016. I share links to content I create or find on Internet and create my magazines. Flipboard is not like other social networks where people share information about themselves or their photos from weddings, birthdays etc. You can search news and content you like.

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No, I don't think that I looked into Flipboard; so, I looked into some general info:


It sounds indeed interesting. :)


Interesting.  No, I never heard of it before, or at least I don't remember.


Had to look it up as I haven't heard of it. Looks kind of interesting!


I know what it is--I have it on my Galaxy--but I de-activated it. It's true that it can be modified to report the stuff we're interested in but I usually get that anyway. Most of the "news" they offer themselves is the kind of fluff-stuff I don't bother to read.