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I have used Google+ since 2014. I share some content from Web and my photos. I have no problems with users. Many users post their photos or share photos they find on Web. Photos are not only selfies. Some people share articles from websites. Because of content, Google+ is more interesting than Facebook. Users can create their communities and collections. Many users I found are not active, I don't know why.

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One of those users you would find inactive would be me. I tried it a few years ago until my habitual stalker found me there and bothered me and I've never went back since.

But Google + is better than most and it's pretty easy to report someone out of line and they quickly handle it. It's better than most out there! That's for sure! That's for dang sure.

If I have time? I may go back as I know a couple of good people that use it now.

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Actually, I am wondering if many google users have "adopted" Google+. It seems to be quite interesting.

Personally, I use Google often for reasearch, etc., but it is, as far as I know, the conventional system, and I am fine with it, and, in case of need, there are some other systems, which can help in special cases.

But I am old-fashioned and I am already dealing with too many sites, messages and mails, and I don't have so much time.

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I never used it, or even looked at it, so I have no opinion at the moment.