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For example: When searching for something innocent like a person's name or nickname and you get images that you don't want children to see. I was searching an image with a person's name and got images that I can't tell you about, here, as I would get flagged for just stating it. 

Or watching a video on YouTube about something and saw something and heard some horrible things on there, that you wished that you could un-see. I was in shock when I heard and saw something that YouTube allowed to post that, anyone to see, even children. I can't state what that was, without getting flagged, but it was bad.

I wish Google and YouTube would do a better job of blocking images that are not meant for children.

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Yeah, but they don't care. Full nudity is not allowed in Youtube but the site does have a lot of sexual content. You can try Bing.com (or) duckduckgo.com for a week. And tell how it works.


I agree with Dan. They just don't care.

My girls watch things on YouTube all the time and neither of us has noticed any bad images or things but I'm sure they are around.

I've heard that they are trying to clean that crap up but I'll believe it when I see it. Anything for a buck!!

I have seen some images on YouTube that couldn't be there.

Sometimes, I find some adult photos on Google and never an adult video on YouTube. YouTube earn money from ads and adult videos may have ads.