Selfies on social networks?

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Jan 21 in Internet by Kninjanin (3,686 points)

Many people like to post selfies on social networks. They are mostly young girls and some artists. Selfies are posted on Instagram and Facebook. On Twitter, people don't post selfies as much as on Facebook and Instagram. You can find thoughts, news, politics, artists, nature photos, historical photos... on Twitter. I registered on Tumblr, Minds, Mastodon, Ello and I don't see selfies. 

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Rooster Jan 21

Some people, mostly the young ones just like to post selfies all the time. But you're right! You don't see them on some other sites at all. Like this one for example.

I can think of one site I was on briefly and one young lady must have had at least 20 on there and some had nudes also. The only real time I like to see who I'm talking to is if I'm having a long conversation with someone or I would just like to get to know them better. Then I'll exchange pictures privately and not all over a site.

Always seems to be younger women who like to wear push up bras and lot's of make-up!

Kninjanin Rooster Jan 21

They can send photos via messages and email to people who want them. They don't do that. They post photos tagging people. Photos are automaticly posted on profiles which are tagged. Photos can be seen and downloaded by unknown persons and hackers. They can also upload photos on file hosting and file mirroring websites and share links.

Marianne Jan 21

Yes, and sharing selfies on big communities is a bad idea, especially for kids, teens and also for adults.

Too many private data and selfies make them an easy target for not so honest users, pranksters, trolls or hackers.

Kninjanin Marianne Jan 21

It is true. Scammers download photos and use them.

Facebook and Instagram replaced old photo albums. People use them to share their photos. When I was a student, there were still photo albums. People were saving their photos in albums. Lately, in high school (2004 - 2008), students make photos with mobile phones and send via messages. When I became a collage students, people began to upload photos on Facebook.

Marianne Marianne Jan 22

Yes, Kninjanin, too many pictures, also from professional meetings, family life, events, etc., were shared - some with more or less hilarious and time-intensive results - lol.


TheOtherTink Jan 23

It is never a good idea to publish too much information about yourself on the internet.

You never know what bad actors are out there.

It is true.

Virginia Jan 23

Kninjanin, I just realized just now that my avatar here on SOLVED is what you would call a selfie! My old Apple laptop has a little camera in it that you can use for, what's that website where you can talk to other people? Oh, it's SKYPE! Anyway I used to use Skype occasionally...

Anyway, I was messing around last November I think it was, came upon the little camera and took this photo. So I replaced the old photo from 2006, and now I use an up-to-date photo for my avatar!

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