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When I found someone on Twitter, I search on google to find more about him/her. I found that some my followers use Instagram,  Soundcloud,  Flickr, Pocket and Facebook. Some of them have websites. They share their content from other social networks on Twitter and they inform me about their pages and websites. I noticed that some of Twitterers have only Facebook pages to advertise their art work and they don't have personal profiles. I cannot find on Google if some Twitterers have personal Facebook profiles. They don' t use Facebook or have fake names. Does Facebook become outdated? 

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It's beginning to look that way! From what I've read? Facebook is full of phonies and is losing it's allure to people rapidly. It will soon join Craigslist as just another junk site! I used it once a few years ago and didn't much care for all the bull on it.


Ten years ago, Myspace was the most popular social network. Nowadays,  many people don't use it. 

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I have never used Facebook or Twitter, I don't like them much, although some of my friends find the Facebook groups useful for exchanging information. 

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Young people don't use Facebook as much as they did before, so in that sense it has become dated. It's still very popular though.

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There is indeed a growing choice of communities, sites and networks of all kinds on Internet, and, with that, the competition among them.

With the ongoing troubles, conflicts and the fast changes on a worldwide level, I don't know if some of the most widely used among them will evolve further and take more control, or if they become outdated and lose their leading position ...

But while the fights go on, Internet might lose it's neutrality:






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Hi Kninjanin,

I cannot really give you a good answer. I am hoping for great things from the Internet, a kind of democratic coming-together of people for companionship and learning and understanding. But I am not sure what form that will take. 

I found Facebook REALLY uninteresting; the Q/A sites, with all their problems, have still been the best I see for us to connect with each other, to get to know people across the world!

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I don't like Facebook or Twitter much, although some of my friends find the Facebook groups useful for learning new staff. My generation can make friends all over the internet. I met my schoolmates at online casino https://yoyocasino.com/en/games/poker, we are fond of poker. I believe that a new step in conection people will smth extraordinary  8-)


There is many possibilities to connect on Internet. People don't use them.