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Putting an old canard to rest?

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Jan 21 in Fun & Humor ☻ by TheOtherTink (21,060 points)
edited Jan 21 by TheOtherTink

One often hears that Scots don't wear anything under their kilts.  Well, it simply ain't so, and here's the proof.


3 Answers

Virginia Jan 21

O'Tink, those particular Scots are of the distaff persuasion, for the males the question is still open!  :D  :O  :woot:  <3

Virginia, I could have posted some shocking pictures of Scottish males, but good taste restrained me.  :D

Marianne Jan 22

Lol, yes, there remain quite a few "open questions" regarding male skirt wearers, if remembering, for instance:


Virginia Marianne Jan 22

Marianne, this clip shows (I think) that Laurel and Hardy really DID have talent...wonderful! "Third foot-and-mouth regiment"...

The 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment is the fictional Highland infantry regiment ... of Highlanders, known locally as "the Devils in Skirts" for their tradition of not wearing anything under the kilt.

Marianne Marianne Jan 22

Lol, Virginia, I can't help it, I enjoy these old slapstick movies so much, and they call for deepening into further links on the subject.


Um... at 3:51 in your clip, Marianne, you will see that Ollie IS wearing underwear... I think.  :blush: :ermm: :) :D

Virginia, in WW1, the Black Watch Regiment was known as "die Damen aus der Hoelle", the ladies from Hell, among the German troops.  That could be interpreted in many ways.  :P

Virginia Marianne Jan 23

Tink, I did not know that...the Black Watch...however, I am not seeing more than one interpretation? Being, that even though they wore kilts/skirts, they fought like demons? :devil:  :angel:

The other interpretation being that when you looked under these "ladies'" skirts, you were astonished at what you found.  :O

Not like the Valkyries, who were from Valhalla.  :D


Marianne Marianne Jan 26

Lol, T(h)ink, I suppose that there was a certain censorship regarding indecent views, unless the actors were, somehow, prudish. 


Marianne Marianne Jan 26

Oops, that looks much like - err, hum, ugh ... - minions or catamites - or even hermaphrodites ?

Virginia Marianne Jan 26

Remarkable artwork!

Marianne Marianne Jan 26

Lol, Virginia, yes, the artwork is remarkable!


@ Virginia and Marianne, the artwork was done by the German artist and illustrator, Franz Stassen.  Here is another of his WW1 postcards:


Stassen was a member of Siegfried Wagner's gay circle, and also seems to have become an ardent Nazi supporter.

Marianne Marianne Jan 29

Yes, T(h)ink, I did not find a good link in English, and time was lacking ...

in German:

Virginia Marianne Jan 30

The link is intriguing, O'Tink...elucidates some complex dimensions of the Third Reich. 

I am glad to know of this illustrator, Stassen, because I looked closely at first thinking his Valkyries resemble the art of William Blake, who also took on mythic themes.

I eventually ruled out Blake, and the second illustration you posted is indeed quite different from Blake's style...this one inspired by Dante Divine Comedy.


Didge Jan 22

Tom Lehrer made the definitive statement. Sorry, I couldn't work out how to embed the video but here's a link.

TheOtherTink Didge Jan 22

@ Didge:  I composed a sequel stanza to that song a little over a year ago. :angel:

Then all at once, his tadger spoke,
    much to the Scot's surprise:
"Have you forgot so soon, me lad,
    the day we won first prize?
'Twas at the Masturbate-a-thon
    in Glasgow town last May.
That bloke from Clacton tried his best,
     but still we won the day."

Ring-ding diddle-iddle i-dee-o,
Ring-dye diddly-i-ohhhhhh....

* you have to copy the URL and fill in  a m i r i t e (no gaps) where the stars are

Didge Didge Jan 22

I like it. And thanks to whoever fixed the video. :P

Virginia Didge Jan 22

Didge it is wonderful! ima look at the YouTube and see if it is old or new...I hope it is traditional song! :D

Marianne Didge Jan 22

Lol, T(h)ink and Didge; I am trying another method:

Среħна Нова Година (Serb)

Marianne Didge Jan 22

Lol, Didge, I couldn't help chuckling (I listened to it, giggling, for the third time within about 2 months) and thought of course of Pierre Perret's "educational" song, which caused a scandal, and Laurel's and Hardy's "kilt performances" (see above).


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