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A Courageous Patient?

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Jan 26 in Fun & Humor ☻ by Marianne (18,487 points)
In A Hurry

A woman and her husband interrupted their vacation to go to the dentist.

"I want a tooth pulled, and I don't want Novacaine because I'm in a big hurry," the woman said.

"Just extract the tooth as quickly as possible, and we'll be on our way."

The dentist was quite impressed. "You're certainly a courageous woman," he said. "Which tooth is it?"

The woman turned to her husband and said, "Show him your tooth, dear."



3 Answers

Rooster Jan 26

Love it! :D :D :D :D

Marianne Rooster Jan 26

Lol, hello, Rooster - :D:D:D:D.

TheOtherTink Jan 26

Reminds me of the old German propaganda slogan, used in WW1 and WW2, "The British will fight to the last Frenchman."

Lol, T(h)ink, poor French and poor British!


OTink, I had not heard that one...this ancestral enmity, British/French...

Virginia Jan 30

THAT sounds like a successful marriage!  :ermm:  :P  :sick:  <3

Marianne Virginia Jan 31

Lol, Virginia, indeed .... :O:angel:;):D

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