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I have been thinking about this since Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision, 1973, and here is my current ideas, what do you think?

I myself am AGAINST abortion, but at the same time I am FOR a woman's right to choose. So, what I would say is that before an abortion, you must be informed of all the reasons to bear the child to term (including sanctity of life), and have information on all the resources available to you, and talk with a physician about all the medical implications for your particular situation.

THEN if she decides to proceed with the abortion, it is legal - but not paid for by government programs unless the abortion is medically necessary.

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Women kill their children during abortions. They should not have sex with men if they don't want children. They have a choice what they will do with their children.


Thank you, Kninjanin, for very clear and definite answer.

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I again agree with Marianne. Women should have the right to choose after she's given all of that information. That's a good idea Virginia and should be followed through.

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Yes, it should be up to the woman, and yet, and yet...  :'(


Agreed, O'Tink it is just not really either/or...:'(...

I recall discussing Roe v. Wade with my mother; for her as an RN, it was such a wonderful decision, a way out of women's injury from back-alley coat-hanger abortions, which she would see coming in to the hospitals. 

But in practice, the law has not gone all that well.

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