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Of course! Love to watch the NFL and I played Baseball for many years. I watch the World Series every year. Don't mind watching Hockey once in a while either. Yes, I'm a Sports nut!

Then there's the Puppy Bowl! Best game of the year!

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Kninjanin, no I am sorry but I do NOT like sports very much at all! However, there are some wonderful and exceptional times when I could not help but enjoy sports! Once I took my little friend to see the Seattle Supersonics play a basketball game, and somehow we had seats on the center line, close to the court. (Maybe we were given those tickets or something, those seats were wonderful!)

Anyway, I was fascinated because I saw how a superb athlete operates, their bodies were tuned to perfection and I could see those basketball players were truly artists! Downtown Freddie Brown was playing with the Supersonics at that time, and he made one of his famous field goals from the center line!

Ever since then I have a soft spot for basketball, but no the other sports are too violent. The football players and the ice hockey or soccer players get those traumatic concussions that change their personality and destroy their lives, and I read the average life span is something like 53, wasn't it?

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So, not only do I dislike sports, but I also think the violent ones should be illegal that destroy the lives of the athletes. I know they make lots of money, but no amount of wealth is worth losing your health and even your life. Oh, but wait; I thought of something else; I do love dressage, also the horses that go the obstacle courses. Plus figure skating is SO beautiful, as is the Olympic gymnastics. So I put "no" on your survey but there are actually some sports I do like very much!

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Yes, I like amateur sports, but professional not so much, for the reasons Virginia gave, except tennis and baseball.  Worst of all are boxing and MMA, where the object is to beat your opponent senseless or into submission.


Some sports are too violent and I don't watch them.

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Of course, Kninjanin! 

(But I prefer amateur sports!)