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soccer 2 votes, 13%
fotball(rugby) 0 votes
tennis 1 vote, 7%
badminton 3 votes, 20%
hockey 3 votes, 20%
basketball 0 votes
golf 1 vote, 7%
ping-pong 1 vote, 7%
cricket 1 vote, 7%
volleyball 0 votes
boxing 2 votes, 13%
Undecided 1 vote, 7%

15 Answers

+4 votes
badminton, by
Badminton and after that boxing.
+6 votes
soccer, by
Soccer which we call football, but I love golf and athletics...
+6 votes
ping-pong, by


+5 votes
hockey, by

I'm an NHL hockey fanatic, especially my team, the Flyers.

+5 votes
badminton, by
My favorite to play is badminton, but I love to go to football and baseball games.
+4 votes
golf, by
mini golf
+4 votes
boxing, by

Nfl Footballimage

+3 votes
cricket, by

Cricket is the only game I like in the above list.

+2 votes
soccer, by

From this list I like soccer best, but BMX will always be my sport of choice:D

+2 votes
Undecided, by

I dont have time to spare on sports. All I did everyday was working and working. To be honest, my job is fairly endless that I haven't been active at sports for nearly 40 years. Now that I'm getting older, it's too late to continue sporting.

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