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Roughly 2 young Americans become infected with HIV every hour of every day and there is an average of 20 deaths a day. Another article reports, Every 9.5 minutes, someone becomes infected with HIV in the US. I'm not sure about the year of the statistics. I just pick from the random articles.

The US is one of the advanced countries of the world but HIV is still spreading. Are people really careless?

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It is politically incorrect to be too critical about the spread of AIDS.  Homophobic, you know, and we can't have that.

Virginia TheOtherTink

Tink, are you joking, a bit of hyperbole perhaps, or do you TRULY think that kind of misguided PC might be going on?

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Yes, Virginia, there is a bit of hyperbole here, but I think that kind of PC is indeed going on in misguided places like San Francisco, say.  :ermm:

Virginia TheOtherTink

Dan's question about California downgrading of penalty for not informing sexual partners of HIV status...for the purpose of reducing stigma...that to me DOES indeed indicate a potentially hazardous extreme toward PC, O'Tink.

Dan TheOtherTink


Dan, from the Huffington article I picked out this statement; "So in countries like Switzerland, where there’s a lot less poverty and they have a health care system that delivers these drugs universally, they’re doing better than the U.S., where we have a tremendous amount of social and economic issues that get in the way,” said Deeks. (Deeks is professor of medicine at UC San Francisco.)

I wish Marianne would come back soon, and tell us more about what is going on in Switzerland? Why so many things seem to work better there?

Also, Dan I have a question for you: In your opinion, is India now considered one of the advanced countries in the world? I know that there have been great changes in India in the last 100 years...

I ask that because I learned from you yesterday that India tries to make HIV drugs available inexpensively; so I am wondering, might there be some kind of trend for the so-called "advanced" countries to be less compassionate?

TheOtherTink Virginia

Actually, Virginia, I've heard that a lot of relatively inexpensive generic drugs sold in the US are manufactured in India.


I didn't realize that AIDS was still so rampant here. I thought they had found some drugs that help cure it? I'm sorry but I don't know a lot about this stuff.

Dan Rooster

There are drugs which help to put HIV under control but no drugs for the permanent cure. Once a person stops using it then the number of HIV virus will increase. Also, these drugs will cost portion of a person's earnings.

Dan Rooster