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I don't know why they don't use a taser

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No, I'm not surprised; it follows British custom. Bobbies are mostly unarmed, except in Northern Ireland.


Dear Dan,

I was surprised, but not shocked. I hope police in India never need to change to guns, and I wish the rest of the world could have police that do not carry guns.


No, it's not shocking.  I think a Taser would have been just fine and it doesn't kill. Way too many controversial Police shootings going on here. Way too many!

HegeMarie Rooster

A taser would be more shocking ;)


No, it's the same in Norway under normal circumstances.

Virginia HegeMarie

HegeMarie, now I am going to your profile to see if you are in Norway! You and I have not traded comments very much as yet, I have been here only about a year, I think? 

Anyway I am glad to meet you, and we have been having discussions on the annual world "happiness poll," and Norway always ranks very high... :)  <3

HegeMarie HegeMarie

It is true, we have not spoken much yet. 

I took a long time-out from this site, and you are among the new faces to me.

I have no explanation to those polls, but can confirm we are a happy people :cheerful:

Virginia HegeMarie

Glad you came by. It is a very small group now as you see, but some interesting conversations...8-)...hope you stay and take part!

HegeMarie HegeMarie

I will look in from time to time, and partake in your discussions.

It is a small but good group of people :D

Virginia HegeMarie

That will be nice, HegeMarie, I am pleased.