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I use two forums. Infinityfree forum informs me about web hosting by Infinityfree. I registered on one of Serbian forums and found some interesting topics. I found a girl from my college. Discussions on forums can be more interesting than social networks. 

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Dear Kninjanin,

I have used forums only a few times when I needed information, but not on a regular basis. Once I had difficulty with CraigsList, and found someone on CraigsList help forum who stayed with me for several weeks and REALLY helped. The person never even told me their name, but very selfless just helped me work through the problem.

Also, occasionally I have gone to Apple forums for help with my computer. It is wonderful how many people just enjoy helping others on forums, I thought!

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I use two every day as I'm a mod on the MatrixGames Forum and I comment on beta test games for Slitherine games. You're right as the discussions are about PC games and bugs and patches to fix them. No drama, just help.

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Sometimes, but no regular forum.  If I need information about something around the house, for example, I google it and forums appear.