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Minorities want independent countries in many regions.


I have travelled extensively in Europe and Central America.  From what I've seen; absolutely.  Minorities tend to be on the receiving end of hate crimes, discrimination, and open prejudiced.  Each country/region tends to also have thier own group(s) which are seen as "bad".  


Hi Tink,

I STILL remember in 1962, reading a book on prejudice; speculating that somewhere in human history there had been survival value in repelling people who were "different"...I am still not sure of that, it may be more of a learned behavior?

...and I could not open your link, so went Internet prowling and found a couple more articles about Sri Lanka. Two points that stood out, one being that in Sri Lanka ethnicity and religion overlap strongly; the majority being Buddhist and Sinhalese. Easy to imagine how that might exacerbate the tensions!

Apparently also, some of the trouble might be still another legacy of colonialism (cf. the Rwandan genocide) - it seems the British gave prominence to the Tamil minority to help in suppressing the Sinhalese majority; divide and conquer.




I think this will be a worldwide problem for many years to come and has been for many years in the past. All the different religions and such will bring on minority problems forever.

How ever, it seems to me that where these minorities go? Trouble soon starts afterwards. There are always some who just don't want to live in peace but would rather take over a country as their own.