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Are you monitoring your blood sugar level and other info about your body regularly?

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Apr 20 in Health by Dan (5,336 points)

Prevention is better than cure. Are you monitoring your blood sugar level and other info such as blood pressure about your body regularly? It is a good practice to keep your body healthy. There are also devices to check them at home.

There are also many other things which should be at a correct level in the body such as iron, etc. So, it is important to visit a doctor periodically (or) once in a while.

4 Answers

Virginia Apr 20

Dan, I do monitor my health, although not in the usual ways. In my laboratory career doing cancer tests, I contracted multiple chemical sensitivities from working with so many dangerous chemicals...

Holistic methods finally did help me when conventional medicine failed, so now those are how I keep track of what is going on with my body, ongoing! :)

Virginia, i have known people that had ill effects from working in labs with chemical exposure. One developed a severe egg allergy (from vaccine cultures), and the other died of cancer, probably from exposure to organic solvents. She was only in her late 20s!  :'(

Virginia Virginia Apr 20

Yes Sister Tink it is so, one of my (many) life adventures...and back in the 1980's (as you may already know), this condition was dismissed by the medical profession as a form of hypochondria - even as people were dying...:(

Rooster Apr 20

I get physicals from my Doctor twice a year with all the blood work and such. My blood pressure is a touch high but he said it's not to worry and I don't have to take any meds for it. It's down some now as I've been exercising more and working a lot around my new house.

I was told to take some extra vitamins and minerals , like Zinc, magnesium and iron. Every day! Always take vitamin C daily anyways.

Virginia Rooster Apr 20

Rooster, I am delighted to hear of your good health, and also your commitment to maintain your health. The world needs every single one of us, and you yourself are a precious treasure much needed here in the world of time and space!

TheOtherTink Apr 20

Once a year, at regular checkups.

Otherwise, only if I'm not feeling well, which happens maybe once every few years.

yay Tink! <3

Kninjanin Apr 21


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