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What are the weird and strange websites that you have visited?

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Rooster Apr 27

Ha! I haven't visited any of those Dan! :D But the oddest site I ever looked at is a supposed review site that I think is phony. Some weird and hostile stuff on it. Just the reviews for A-Rite are mind boggling!

Virginia Apr 27

Dan, once on another Q/A site they were discussing the Dark Web (or something like that?) and Didge gave us a link on how to get there...there is a special name for that I can't recall...anyway, I tried it and just never went back again...weird.

Rooster Virginia Apr 28

@Virginia: Was that using the "TOR" browser? You can find ANYTHING there for a price.

Virginia Virginia Apr 28

Rooster! I think so...I believe TOR is what Didge showed us...

TheOtherTink Apr 27

No, nothing weirder than SodaHead, which had a lot of nice people, but also a generous share of weirdos.  :)

Kninjanin Apr 28

Social number is a website where usernames are numbers.

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