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Student from Africa in Serbia - YouTuber

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May 3 in Internet by Kninjanin (3,588 points)

I found a black girl who claims to study medecine in Serbia. I suppose that she was born in 90s. She has a YouTube channel. She speaks Serbian and English. I commented her videos and her profile. I don't know what she will reply to me.

3 Answers

Rooster May 3

I wish you the best of luck there Kninjanin. Might turn out to be a great friendship or even more.

TheOtherTink May 3

How well did she do with the Serbian tongue twisters?  :)


Virginia May 3

At its best, the Internet is sometimes a source of wonderful new friendships, I have made a few of those...she sounds like a very interesting person, Kninjanin!

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