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In the past, I'd been encouraged to take a chance on someone from Scandinavia.  I did, and enjoyed the trip while it lasted.....but then...incrementally....our relationship fell away.  Imagine my surprise when they wrote back and said...."I Still Have Faith In You."  Say what?!!  How cathartic....and relieving....I was afraid I'd lost you for forever!  Life is looking just ducky beginning this Spring  ;) 

For the first time in 35 years, ABBA is returning, though in a somewhat confusing way, with a few new songs.  I'm still not sure how to wrap my brain around the fact that, by their own description they are going to be touring through "avatars?"  I'm envisioning Captain Kirk's Star Ship Enterprise transporter.  I suspect I'm waaaay off.  Should be interesting?


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Hi FreeRanger,

I just spent some delightful moments going through your interesting link, learning about this planned return of ABBA...in our fascination digital age, their computer-generated avatars doing the performing!

And yes, I love the concept of "I STILL HAVE FAITH IN YOU"...may your springtime indeed continue lucky.

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Hope you do have a "ducky" Spring. Sounds interesting.

Sorry, ABBA was never one of my favorite groups and I'm not a fan, really. But I'll look at your link just to see how they did it! :)