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An abolitionist you never heard of?

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May 4 in Politics & Government ✌ by TheOtherTink (21,066 points)

2 Answers

Rooster May 5

No, I didn't have the slightest clue and had never heard that name before.

Excellent article, Tink. He was a hero way before his time. Too bad no one listened then. Might have averted a bloody war!

Virginia May 5

Tink that article is fascinating! And no I had not heard of him...but I kept some notes and the link for reference, I am very glad to know of his life.

You saw the part about capitalism? "Lay imagined not only an end to slavery, but a way of living outside the marketplace of capitalism, without violence to any living creature."

Just remarkable for his time, 1682-1759. I am more convinced capitalism has to change form, maybe to go altogether, it is too violent for our human nature...I just don't know how to get there from here...because it's not socialism either...


Virginia, I think capitalism has changed over the centuries.  What needs to be limited (and this goes for socialism too) is too few people having too much control over any crucial aspect of people's lives.  The temptation for too many in such positions is to take advantage.  :angry:

Virginia Virginia May 7

Tink, that is SO true...ima prolly post as a separate Q, because I read that Bernie Sanders and two more Dem front-runners are now proposing something like a guaranteed income, with (I think) New Deal kind of make-work projects.

I was discussing that with friends, and even the most liberal of us can foresee all kinds of problems there, if we try that on a long-term basis...but I am glad to see the proposal as a starting place.

So far, both socialism and capitalism (not sure about other economic systems) both end up with very few with immense control over SO many. You tend conservative, I lean liberal, and I value your assessments.

You doubtless know this? Twenty million died under the Stalin terror...I watched a YouTube video called "The Revenge of the Romanovs," being of course Stalin/Bolshevik...exponentially worse than Romanov rule...

Yes, Virginia, Russian bolshevism was exponentially worse than Romanov rule, and yet there were plenty of American useful idiots (and dishonest newsmen like NY times Moscow bureau chief Walter Duranty) who swooned over bolshevism. 

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