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I met many people during my life, but I don't contact with them. I have some phone numbers and I had some contacts with known people on social media. Sometimes, I send them a message but they never reply. I see a few of them on book primotions or in the streets and I talk to them.

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I have....some Soda Headers, another from elsewhere that I regret very much.

I think it leaves a heartache and it's better not to think about it.  I guess you have to keep moving?  I don't know exactly.  You can never predict what life takes away and what may wash ashore.


I have had many online friends that disappeared, most of them when SodaHead shut down. 


Hi Kninjanin,

Yes I have many old friends I do not see anymore...but life seems to bring new friends around, too! 

idk, I don't seem to have any regrets, somehow the old friendships do seem complete, no need to continue them...

The regret I do have is the same as Other Tink; the online friendships from a Q/A site, in my case it was ask. com. Those friendships were of a very special kind, and so delightful and tender too - and no way to really continue them when Ask went over to algorithms only!

* * *

(Rooster and Didge are two exceptions, we have kept in touch after Ask and even become closer friends and I cherish both of them.) <3  <3  <3

Kninjanin Virginia

Many people are gone from my life and I don't regret.  It seems that many of them are not interested in communicating with me. I don't know even if they are live. I don't need to care about them.

Virginia Virginia

Yes, I think about people sometimes and I know some of them are no longer living...life is bittersweet sometimes!


Yes, I've had many friends over the years who have either passed away or moved to other states but a couple I still keep in contact with when I have time. Many are gone to parts unknown and I probably won't ever see them again.

As far as online? I could count my friends there on one hand. Including the people here. Another site that I'm on, I just found out yesterday that a long time member was a phony and had been using someone else's name and pictures all along. Quite a shock actually as I had talked to her quite a bit. After a dark web search? I found the real person and it's quite possible as we're not done yet that this female just actually might be a man. Fooled a lot of people and just quit every site and disappeared. So, you really have to watch who you meet online.

I lost contact with almost everyone from Ask.com and blurtit.com. Never hear a thing from them and I don't reach out to them but once and if I don't get a reply? I move on.

Although we are few here? I feel like I know and trust all of you.

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