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This morning, the US Supreme Court was expected to hand down a ruling that makes it harder for working people to negotiate, requiring binding arbitration. I am interested because apparently this kind of change seems to be an ongoing trend since 1946-47; it is perceived as a piecemeal dismantling the New Deal that came into effect after the Left agitated so much in the 1930's and the Great Depression. Result being that too much control ends up in the hands of too few...

But I cannot find anything online yet, and it's now 1 PM on the East Coast...do you have knowledge or opinions in this area?


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No, nothing yet, as of about 5 pm, EDT.

Tink have you been following this? You have a conservative bent, is there a softer interpretation than I am giving it, do you know?


Haven't been through the News yet but I haven't heard any of this. I do know that most independent employers rarely follow that rule anyway and the state usually backs them. Although not much in union controlled companies but you have to deal with the union then.

This should be interesting to see a ruling like this. I really don't think it's going to make much difference either way.

Virginia Rooster

Thank you Rooster!