Have you taken the political compass test? It's liberal or conservative, and authoritarian v. libertarian...

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I have always more or less assumed I am liberal, progressive orientation. BUT then, I seem to agree a great deal with Bret Weinstein, the professor-in-exile from Evergreen State College, from where he got dumped for being a white male supremacist of privilege, and subsequently evicted from the liberals/progressives.

Also, I seem to agree with other Tink quite a lot, or at least see her point  (oh no! image). So I took the Political Compass test, and - relief - I was solidly 6.5 points toward liberal on a scale of 10, and 4.8 points toward libertarian/away from authoritarian, again on a scale of ten.

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So here is the link, if you have not taken it yet! https://www.politicalcompass.org/test

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TheOtherTink Jun 8

I've taken this test before.  I come out about -1 point to the left and 0 points on the libertarian/authoritarian axis, in other words, very close to dead center.

I'm not surprised, O'Tink...lots of balance in your perspective(s)!

:) <3

Rooster Jun 8

Economic Left/Right: -2.25 
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.87


And the loony lefties on Am*rite think we are conservative, Rooster.  Heck, they'd think Virginia is conservative too; she'd be much too sensible for them. :D

Rooster Rooster Jun 9

@Tink: You sure got that right! :D 

Virginia Rooster Jun 9

Well again, my first Laugh-out-loud of the day, and it's on SOLVED!

Tink...it's interesting...as I look through the Bret Weinstein material, he notes that it was a conservative newspaper that reported accurately his situation at Evergreen...the only one who took the time to research and report accurately. 

What I learned that was truly a lesson for me, is that he felt the liberal rags (NYT, etc.) somewhat ignored Evergreen, or danced delicately around the situation. His (Weinstein's) interpretation is that they don't want to get too involved when something makes liberalism look bad...not sure I rendered that well, because maybe I don't really 'get it.'

Also in various conversations he now has around the country, sometimes the conservative commentators are the ones he relates to best. THAT'S not a surprise to me, as I typically listen to see if someone makes sense before looking at their political orientation...but I could see it was a surprise to him.

Kninjanin Jun 9

I don't know if I am a conservative or liberal. Serbian conservatives are very religious but I support their fight for Serbian nation. Serbian liberals like EU and they fight against nationalism. They are globalists and I don't support globalism. I don't fight against Serbian nationalism and I don't support EU. 

Virginia Kninjanin Jun 9

Sounds to me like you are thinking for yourself, Kninjanin!

Kninjanin Kninjanin Jun 10


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