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A long time ago now, OtherTink introduced me to the Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson...so I watch him occasionally. And now, more and more, I am not sure there is much difference between authentic liberal and authentic conservative. Here is a segment Carlson gave in December, and his evaluation correlates perfectly with others I listen to, who would be considered liberal.

Anyway, the question Carlson looks at is "What is destroying rural America?" 

I first really saw that happening large-scale, and deeply grieved to see it, on a cross-country trip I took in 2010 through Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho and Nebraska (on my way to Iowa).

Be sure to watch this to the end, if you do give it a go...Carlson tried to go to Nebraska's Congressman -- only to get the cold shoulder, finally discovering why: Turns out the Congressman had received a huge donation...hush money...

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I do not follow USA media but I will watch it when I find time.

Thank you Kninjanin. I don't think I even asked a very clear question, this is something I am just working on trying to figure out!

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Well, I think the problem goes deeper than predatory hedge funds, although their cruel activities should certainly be outlawed, as they were in Britain.

I think large agrobusiness swallowing up small farms and big box superstores (and mail-order Amazon as well) driving out small businesses have even more to do with the demise of rural America. :'(

In many ways (not including celibacy), the Shakers had the right idea.


Btw, this piece by Tucker Carlson is an example of how Fox is more apt to present topics that run counter to the right-wing line than CNN or MSNBC is to ever buck the left-wing line.


Those are some really good points, Tink...I remember in Iowa (and did not understand the nationwide significance of this at the time) but...I met 3rd generation family farmers forced off their land by the farm corporations and into that oppressive senior housing. Then after the takeover, the agribusiness destroyed the land's fertility so carefully nurtured by the generational farmers. 

And as I look into all this, I do often think of the Shakers; a documentary some decades back explained how they do everything the very best work they are capable, full ethics too.

I am still a bit confused by Right v. Left. I always considered myself conservative, but for example when my home overlooked a river flood plain that filled with floodwater every 5 or 10 years, I advocated to deny a builder permits to build low-income housing down there -- apartments to be filled with handicapped, seniors, single moms and kids. With just one neighbor I worked on this and we were successful, but that advocacy we did was considered dangerously left-wing even commie sort of. But I would have thought my advocacy, saving lives as it did, was conservative!

Then just maybe five years later the whole flood plain filled with 15 feet of rushing water - again - and I was SO glad I had taken that on that advocacy...my friend Rosina and I called ourselves the Friends of the Borst Bottomlands! (Borst was the name of a pioneer family who farmed there.) 

So I'm still not sure what conservative/liberal really means, but I know when something seems to make sense and Tucker often does make sense. I trust almost nothing on CNN/MSNBC. (But I do like to watch Anderson Cooper especially when he talks about his mother.) :)


Well, in today's context, I would say a conservative wants to keep good things as they are... this is not to say there aren't some conservatives who want to keep bad things as they are, as long as they are making a dishonest buck from them.

I think too many of today's liberals want change simply for the sake of change, and often in batsh*t crazy directions, aided and abetted of course by CNN/MSNBC etc.

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