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A few weeks back, I googled Bret Weinstein to find out what had happened to him in the aftermath from Evergreen College one year now...ended up spending quite a lot of time, learning about BUNCHES of strange stuff like "post-modern worldview," 'snowflake mentality,' "trigger warnings," and the purpose of colleges is it education or is it better to be social justice? 

Nobody even calls it social justice now, it is SJ, or SJW and I'm still puzzled about that extra 'W' but don't really care enough to dig it out on google...anyway, here is that video if anyone is interested...I have not seen it myself yet but ima watch now...only 15 min or so, if you watch please leave your impressions!

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It's a good summary of what Weinstein has been saying for some time.  He does note that the cynical leaders of this movement understand that it is all about political power, but that the followers (known as useful idiots in another time) really believe the malarkey.

P.S. the 'W' in SJW stands for warrior.  :ermm:


Thanks, Tink...yes, I am slowly understanding that point about the followers really believing they are participating in the long honorable tradition of agitating for social justice. But the leaders really have the goal of reversing the racism. And based on the case Weinstein makes, I think that is actually true!

Contemporary SJ, of the kind Weinstein endured, is a travesty of a long and honorable tradition in the USA.


Yes of course, Virginia, there is a long and honorable tradition, e.g., abolitionism, women's suffrage, abolition of child labor, civil rights, etc.

But there also were the times when SJWs bought into Marxism/Leninism/Stalinism. The situation at Evergreen and other places is not much different, at least in the mindset of the participants, which Eric Hoffer analyzed well in The True Believer.



Tink I have of course known of Eric Hoffer, but the Goodreads quotes are splendid and I signed up for another of his books as our library does not have this one. Something about a dragon? 

I am becoming quite concerned about the ability of us common folk to carry on a successful democracy...based on what Weinstein has encountered, and these are college students??? 

It seems I recall that the US founding fathers actually envisioned a continuation of the guiding hands of people grounded in the Enlightenment values, for the US government...and only with the presidency of Andrew Jackson (whatever his other blind spots) did the principle of self-government by the masses truly take hold. 

I don't think that (i.e., government by enlightened aristocracy) will work...and I have even watched a Frederick the Great bio twice, pondering enlightened monarchy - fascinating, but it has only worked well a few times in history, it's not replicable.

* * *

All I am really confident of, at the moment, is that THIS form of government/economic system we now have is unacceptable, even though it's apparently humankind's best effort so far...btw, have you ever encountered the idea that Stalin had a mental illness? I see on the Internet now, numerous discussions of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, NPD, and one link did "diagnose" him with that...


Oh yes, Virginia, I have often read that Stalin was paranoid.  And of course, one could easily say that anyone who so wantonly kills millions must be deranged.

And yes, enlightened absolute rulers like Frederick the Great are exceptional.  Of course it helps to be successful in battle too. :)

This is one of my favorite Prussian marches:

And the lyrics are not without humor.

Auf, Ansbach-Dragoner!                            Up, Ansbach Dragoons!
Auf, Ansbach-Bayreuth!                             Up, Ansbach-Bayreuth!
Schnall um deine Säbel                             Buckle on your sabres
und rüste dich zum Streit!                          And prepare for the fight!
Prinz Karl ist erschienen                            Prince Karl [of Austria] has appeared
auf Friedbergs Höh'n,                                On Friedberg's heights
Sich das preußische Heer                         To have himself a gander
mal anzusehen.                                         At Prussia's host.

Drum, Kinder, seid lustig                           So, boys, be merry
und allesamt bereit:                                  And all-around prepared,
Auf, Ansbach-Dragoner!                           Up, Ansbach Dragoons!                         
Auf, Ansbach-Bayreuth!                           Up, Ansbach-Bayreuth!

Drum, Kinder, seid lustig                          Repeat
und allesamt bereit:
Auf, Ansbach-Dragoner!
Auf, Ansbach-Bayreuth!

Well, I think I am kinda falling in love with Brother Frederick...;)  <3...apparently he didn't "swing my way," as the saying goes...but well (sniff) love is love...:P

...and the Prussian march is splendorous!


Yes, Virginia, Frederick is believed to have swung not in your direction. :)

But aside from being an excellent king and military strategist, he was also a first-rate musician (flute).  And he is often given credit for composing the Hohenfriedberger March, although this is not certain.


:D  <3...the biography even discussed possible reasons for the flute as his instrument-of-choice...


LOL, Virginia, I think that might be more than a little speculative... :D


Well Tink 8-) somehow you DO have to admit, the instrument fits Clinton well...


Oh yes, Virginia, the sax suits him to a tee.

I've always thought that saxophones sound and look gross.  :ermm: :D



He would be a nice guy if he weren't so orrful...:P


Right you are, Virginia.  ;)

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