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Yes Germany organized the Olympics in 1936. It was not known what Germany wold do. 

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Dan...it appears that India won cricket in that year!

Also in 1936, the USA rowing team won, and it was wonderful because they were from the University of Washington, and that is Seattle on the West Coast. However, rowing at that time was dominated by teams on the East Coast.

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AND, the family of the coxswain, Bobby Moch, was still living in the tiny timber town when I grew up there, 1955-1962!

Oh...and a couple of years ago there was a best-selling book about how the team won gold in 1936, title THE BOYS IN THE BOAT.


I think they were playing hockey. I posted this question on Cricket category since there isn't a Hockey category, maybe I should add one.


Oh Dan, yes!

It's hockey of course...shows how much I watch sports...:D  :blush:

Very interesting that old video, btw...Hitler appeared so young, there.

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I always got a kick out of the look on Hitler's face when Jesse Owens won the gold! Priceless!

After Owens won the 100-meter event, a furious Hitler stormed out of the stadium, though some reports indicate that Hitler later congratulated the athlete on his success.


Rooster, that footrace was not even close; he REALLY won. What an athlete.

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I'm going to resurrect this briefly for a specific reason, mainly because yesterday on this date in history, March 29, 1943, my grandfather was killed by the nazi's,  I believe that in the end, love conquers hate....certainly, it was demonstrated on the field of competition by an opposing Olympic athlete.

IMO, the REAL story, of the '36 Olympics was not Jesse Owens as much as it was the relatively unknown German Olympic long jumper Luz Long.  Long, if anyone, epitomized on multiple fronts the spirit of the Olympic athlete on the cusp of WWII.

For the poignant story, go here if it matters to you: https://mercuryone.org/jesse-owens-and-luz-long/

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