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I created websites:



I added banners and ads and I use url shorteners to earn money. I want to promote them on search engines.

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The answer is you can't earn with this. If you want to earn regular and a decent income from a website, then buy a .com domain and use CMS like the WordPress. Write articles on topics which people search on the internet and you shouldn't copypaste articles from other sites. It must be your own words. Adsense can be added to such websites.

Kninjanin Dan

Thank you! I use free web hosting and HTML and CSS. Some website owners use adfly to make money. Copypasted content is very common on many Serbian websites and they earn money. I don't expect much money. 

Dan Dan

Google push copypasted content below the original content in most cases. Adfly is not an effective way to make money. It might give pennies for so many views.

Kninjanin Rooster

Thank you!

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