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Because a lot of fools seem to be attracted to YouTube.Β  Why, I don't know. :)

Dan TheOtherTink

Youtube has a lot of good information. There are videos about planets, universe, animals, technology, comedy, random stuff. I have seen many people telling that they had learned better from Youtube videos than from their schools and colleges. I don't think it's a bad site. But the comment section seems to be so bad when comparing to websites like Quora.

Yes, there is a lot of excellent material on YouTube.

Jazzy TheOtherTink

Agree Dan, lots of good info onΒ  YouTube.


Haters don't know where they can write bad about someone or something. If they says something bad about someone in the public places, they could have a confilct.


YouTube itself is great and I've learned a lot from some videos there but I rarely if ever make or read any comments. I prefer to form my own opinions and such. I don't even bother with anything but the videos.

Jazzy Rooster

Same here. I don't read or leave comments on YouTube.