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Sometimes, I see spam on Yahoo Answers. Some users spam with websites where they buy followers, others ask questions about hacking.Last month, I noticed weird answers like mnhjkg, cvfghj, efghkmnbb... Two years ago, some spammers were offering credit but they were banned after a few hours. I don't notice that spammers are banned on Yahoo Answers nowadays.

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Been so long since I was on that site that I barely remember it but didn't like it much. Face it my friend, spam is going to be everywhere they can get it in. Just like telemarketers. Maybe the spammers are paying them to let them be there and advertise? One thought that I always wondered about. I've seen spam on almost every Q&A site except one.

It has been very long time since I've been there. Haven't been there in years. Glad that they take care of the spammers.