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Yes, I remember watching and hearing all about it. Terrible disaster but with crappy Russian quality control? No real surprise.

But they are also not alone if you look up all the nuclear "accidents" .

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Yes, I have read about the Chernobyl disaster.

Typically, the Soviet government tried to cover up the event. I think it was the Swedes who first noticed and measured the radioactivity of the dust cloud from Chernobyl that was passing over them, and alerted the outside world.

I think also there were some heroic Russian first responders who tried to minimize the catastrophe, knowing that the radioactivity they were exposing themselves to would surely kill them.

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Don't know, as I watched a different video of someone going through a place with someone, that went through a similar (or same) disaster.

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Yes-We had radio active sheep in North Wales after it.It is in Ukraine and if this ruddy virus ever leaves us i have a trip planned which includes an excursion to the edge of the exclusion zone.


There once was a ruddy rude virus,

Whose presence should never inspire us

To go on a trip

Where we'd fall in its grip

For a premature date with Osiris:O

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Because of this disaster, we still measure radiation levels in rheindeer and game meat every year to check if it is safe.