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Austronesians live in Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagaskar, Philippines, Polyneia, Melanesia and Micronesia. I have an online friend who is 50% from Madagascar. Sometimes, I found them on Internet. Suyanto can help me.

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The Austronesian peoples, or more accurately Austronesian-speaking peoples, are a large group of various peoples in Taiwan, Island Southeast Asia, Micronesia, coastal New Guinea, Island Melanesia, Polynesia, Madagascar, and the Comoros that speak the Austronesian languages.




It's and interesting article, Rooster...indicates the Austronesians may have reached the Americas!

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Since we spent almost a month in Micronesia and met many native Islanders, you can tell by their looks and speech that they are all related.

My great friend that lives in Singapore says they are almost all Austronesians and I guess he would know as he's lived there for years now. Most crime free city in the world.


"Most crime free city in the world."

Maybe they should consider using Singapore's law enforcement methods in, say, Baltimore. :ermm: